Offroad tours

Lake Vrane off-road tour is the best off-road ride in Zadar region. Take ride on a Linhai 500 & Polaris Sportsman 570 across the rocky hills, muddy road by the river and around beautiful lake Vrana.

Start at Adventure park Zadar and Adventure park Biograd.

  •     Info for ALL  +38598854431
  •     Info Zadar    +38598708708
  •     Info Biograd +38598388388


Off-road tours options

Driver need to be minimum 16 years old and posses driving licence A, B or F - co-driver need to be minimum 12 years.
Deposit - Passport and 2000,00kn cash or reservation on credit cards - If you have accident you"ll pay for repair depending on the damage cost.

        1 hour 390,00 kn - Just wild off road
        2:30 hour - 3 hour 990,00 kn CO-DRIVER + 100,00  kn - 60km - 3 stop points - Lake Vrana with a visit of Maškovića Han, hill Kamenjak and Ornithological reserve.
    Custom tours is possible to arrange, just contact us.

         2:30 hour - 3 hour tours around Salt & Wine Nin, 3 stop points Salt museum in NIN, famous church St. Nikole & Wine tasting at Royal vineyard 990,00 kn, CO-DRIVER + 100,00  kn


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